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I Spent the first 2 years at Patrick Cudahy(Smithfield) in Operations where I first met Bob.  I started as a Production Supervisor and was promoted into R&D for another year before moving to Madison. Starting with Oscar Mayer in Madison was a long time goal.  910 Mayer avenue was the home to some of the best scientists in the food business.  It was there spent 12 years learning and working on nearly every meat and some non meat products in the Kraft/Oscar Mayer portfolio.  Boca, Claussen Pickles, Lunchables cheese, bread, and yes Oscar Mayer hot dogs and bacon.  In about 2012, I changed lanes and entered the world of Quality and Food Safety for Oscar Mayer.  Really focusing on quality programs, gaining a deep understanding of sanitation practices, pathogen environmental monitoring,HACCP,  allergen controls and much more.  I am still certified trained FSPCA Preventative Controls for Human Foods.

Protecting the brand driving improvements industry wide as I worked with Oscar Mayer Suppliers to insure compliance to programs and delivering the highest levels of Safe Quality Food.  I was part of the team that launched BRC at Oscar Mayer and have since worked in SQF and ISO auditing schemes to meet GFSI requirements.  After 17 years at OM I moved back to the Smithfield family as Director of QA for the Cudahy plant network.  We had a strong team and a very successful business.  I continued to grow my understanding of pathogen controls and managing relationships with USDA.  I spent 7 years , ending my tenure as Vice President of Quality Assurance for the US fresh and package meats pork operations.  The role was very exciting, I managed a fantastic team encompassing Regulatory/labeling, Consumer Affairs, and our Corporate QA team.  I added to my experiences spending 2 years as Head of FSQA for Swift Prepared Foods.  I am proud to be able to bring the breadth of my skills and experience to you as a client to Complete Quality Solutions.

Andrew Palmer

Bob Stamm • I grew up on a hog farm in Wis and from there started my career in the meat industry working in the Stockyards of Patrick Cudahy in 1982. 
• I was offered the position of assistant livestock buyer and traveled to the various hog buying stations the company owned thru-out the Midwest filling in for buyers on vacation etc.
• In the late 1980’s the plant shut down the slaughter operation and the plant manager offered me a job in QA monitoring dry rooms and smokehouses. I also worked in R&D during this time learning about edible fats and oils in the plant’s refinery. 
• In the early 1990’s I was promoted to supervisor and helped restart the Canned Ham division. Eventually I was moved to the Dry Sausage dept. From there I was promoted to Assistant superintendent of the dry sausage devision working in grinding, aging and slicing.
• In the mid 1990’s I was offered the position to run the newly built Industrial Microwave division. 
• Approximately three years later I was offered the position of RTC bacon superintendent. 
• Eventually I was asked to go back and run the Microwave division because it had expanded to 10 lines and employed nearly 600 people. 
• In the early 2000’s I was promoted to Plant manager. The facility employed approximately 1500 union workers. 
• In 2003 I was assigned by the president to start the newly renovated MW plant in Sioux Center Iowa while continuing to operate the Cudahy Facility. 
• I was  the Plant Manager role ever since  April of 2022.

Robert Stamm


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