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Welcome to Complete Quality Solutions:

President, Andrew Palmer  and key partner 

Operations Solutions President Robert Stamm.

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Let me introduce myself.   Andrew Palmer.  I'm a proud graduate of University of Wisconsin Madison.  I started college as a Biochemistry major but later found greater interest in Food Science.  

My early career was operations and research focused.  Out of college, I helped grow a start up bakery and learned doughs,  breads and of course bagels from some old time bakers with real passion.  With a strong desire to get back to Wisconsin I moved on from breads and baking to meats and meat processing.   I spent the next 25 years working for 2 great companies, Oscar Mayer and Smithfield.   Most recently, I had the pleasure of serving  as Head of FSQA for Swift Prepared Foods.  To my right is long time associate and Operations Professional Robert (Bob) Stamm. 


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